5-HTP Max Review

5-HTP Max Review

5-HTP Max Overview – An Overview

The numbers of individuals dreaming of losing weight continue to increase. One interesting fact about this product is many of those people who dream to drop weight. You don’t even know that a significant chemical that could facilitate them lose fat if created in enough quantities. This is known as “5-Hydroxytryptophan.”

Since 5-HTP has been revealed to play a major role in weight loss, certain supplement producers have rushed to generate pills made with it. A perfect example is called as “5-HTP Max.” It is a supplement advertised as a natural weight loss mediator that will assist the method of eliminating fat. Let’s take a closer look at this product and find out more about this product.

5-HTP Max and Its Manufacturer

The authorized website of 5-HTP Max does have a specific section but, for some reasons, it is failed to point out the name of the company that generates the supplement. All I can say is that, it was established in 2002. Aside from that, there is no information connected to the employees working there or any history of the company. The manufacturer seems to propose customer service from Australia, Brazil, UK, and US. There is no physical address given on which you can rely on to find the actual setting of the company.

5-HTP Max Review

The Study About 5-HTP Weight Losses

There are scientific studies that have supported claims about the efficiency of 5-HTP supplements in facilitating people to lose weight. One study made created several effects of oral 5-HTP on the feeding attitude of 19 stout women. The said study ended for 6 months, with participants varying in ages from 30-44 years old.

At the end of this study, it was established that there was 38% reduction in calories which, results in weight loss of several participants. In addition to, another study was focused on the eating attitude and compliance to dietary prescriptions of obese people who were given 5-HTP supplements.

There were 20 members in the study and all of them were stout women whose ages varied from 30-44 years. At the end of the 12th week of assessment, it was shown that 900 mg supplementation of 5-HTP was connected with bigger weight loss compared to a placebo. The researchers take note that the subjects ate a smaller amount and this contributed a lot to their weight loss.

There’s also an analysis that looking in the effects of 5-HTP tablets included of non-insulin diabetic patients. The study involved 25 obese individuals whose ages varied from 30-64 years. After the 2-week study, the researchers found that 750mg of daily supplements in overweight women and men led to less food intake and contributed to a slight weight loss.

In Italy, group of researchers put a collection of obese individuals who were prone to overeating with a 1,200 calorie diet. Half of them were given 300mg of 5-HTP in just 30 minutes before every meal, while others took a placebo. After the 12 weeks assessment period, those who took 5-HTP lost with a standard average of 7.2 lbs, while those who took a placebo lost only 4 lbs.

5-HTP Max – The Ingredients

The only ingredient that is enclosed in the pill of this supplement is pure “5-HTP.” It is specifically taken out from the seed of Griffonia Simplicifolia. Each pill consists of 50 mg dosage of 5-HTP. So by taking 3 pills each day, you would be getting a serving at least 150 mg. It is significant to reveal that most professionals propose not more than 5-HTP dosages higher than 150 mg each day (so it is advisable to take 50 mg dosage at least 3x a day).

This is because based on studies; higher dosages of this substance might be too contaminated and might lead to some negative effects. So, by taking 3 pills of 5-HTP Max a day, you would be getting the highly suggested and safe dosage of this supplement. If in case, you are planning to seize higher dosage of this substance, you should at least ask with your healthcare assistant in order to stay away from those possible harmful effects.

5-HTP Max Review

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5-HTP Max – The Pros and Cons


  • It can be assumed that 5-HTP Max is quite convincingly priced supplement, and you can also significantly lessen the price by buying 3 or 6 bottles of this appetite suppressant.
  • 5-HTP Max is a risk-free for only 90 days, since it comes with 100% money back guarantee.


  • It is free from any side effects.

5-HTP Max – Final Verdict

If in case, you have already decisive to try out 5-HTP Max supplement to lose weight or other benefits that it can give, you can simply buy this supplement from its official website. Please take note that this product is supported by money back guarantee so, you can be convinced to order it from its manufacturer.

5-HTP Max Review


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