Blendtec Blender Review

Blendtec Blender Review

Why Should You Choose Blendtec Blender?

Blendtec Blender is the best product that you can trust since it is manufactured based on the most astounding commercial standards. It is considered as the most exceptional blender that you can purchase in the market today. This blender from Blendtec is unique from the other brands due to numerous reasons. One of the reasons is its jar is very simple to clean. Because of this it can provide you with a splendidly smooth mix at all times.

The jar is five-sided which makes it possible for all the ingredients to be pulled towards its blades. Since it has a remarkable square design, the flow of the mixing will be disrupted. Usually in a round jar the ingredients will be turning around but since the jar of Blendtec Blender is square then the ingredients tend to stay at the flat side of the container. Inertia is responsible for bringing the ice, fruit and other ingredients up the side of the container until they will be able to reach the highest point of the blend. During this time, they have the tendency to turn around and head down, directly into the tip of the blade. There is no need for any interference.

Very Safe to Use

Blendtec Blender is strongly built which makes it safer to use. Its blades are made up of cold-forged solidified steel and at the same time it is also thicker and stronger compared to other blender blades. Rather than having sharp blades, this particular blender is using blunt blades. The reason behind this is because the blade has to twist for more than 300 miles per hour. A sharp blade is not required in accomplishing this task. Like any other blender which uses its sharp blades in chipping the fruit and the ice, the blades in this blender are expansive and blunt and can pulverize everything. What’s more, it’s totally safe to clean, as well.

Blendtec Blender Review

Simple to Use

The interface of Blendtec Blender is straightforward so it’s very easy to use. Because of its cutting edge touch controls, it can allow you to do other things aside from blending. The latest design of its touch controls looks truly awesome and consequently it can do all the tasks in an easier way from mixing to cleaning up. There’s no need to keep an eye on your blender. You can make those impeccable blends anytime by just making a single touch. It is likewise simple to clean because of its smooth and flat design.

There’s no need to supplant the drive socket because it’s unbreakable. The drive socket is responsible for turning the blade. It will transmit the power coming from the motor unto the blade. If you are looking for a powerful blender with a sturdy drive socket then you should choose the Blendtec Blender. Blenders which have breakable plastic parts cannot be relied in turning the blades. All the blenders from Blendtec are dependable because it consists only of solidified metal drive socket. You can be assured that it will not slip and there’s no need for any replacement. This blender can be utilized for heavy use for a long time.

Suitable for Any Task

The motor of Blendtec Blender has an ultra-high-speed. That is why, it is appropriate for any task. Blendtec Blenders only use the most capable motor in the industry. You can enjoy having high quality smoothie, just like the one which you can buy in a restaurant. The motor used in this blender have the capacity to mix even the hardest ingredients for instance, frozen fruit, raw veggies and ice. All the ingredients are smoothly blended with consistency.

Blendtec Blender Review

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The Pros and Cons of Blendtec Blender


  • Exceptional for creating frozen beverages as well as granulating espresso beans.
  • Has the capacity to mix ingredients with ice in order to create a frozen dessert.
  • It is accompanied by prearranged settings which include the one intended for crushing the ice.
  • At the time that the blender is running, its internal digital timer is also counting the time.
  • The jar is very flexible because you can choose to position it to the left or to the right which is ideal for left-handed and right-handed individuals.
  • Pouring the mixed ingredients out of the jar can be done easily.
  • The blade of the blender is fixed, therefore there’s no need to remove and put it back again whenever you want to use it or if you are done using it or if ever you want to clean it.
  • The controls are very smooth and not difficult to utilize. It is very simple to clean because it is crevice-free.
  • When you buy the product, you will also get a recipe book plus a DVD.


  • The manual will not be able to guide you properly.
  • The controls are quite confounding.
  • It is too speedy and powerful when utilized for chopping.
  • It is extremely noisy during operation.
  • There is no place for storing the cord.

The Final Verdict

Blendtec Blender can also be used in restaurants. It is user-friendly with smooth controls. There are no chunks of ice left on the blender. It is quite expensive but it doesn’t seem to look like it’s a pricey product.

Blendtec Blender Review


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