Do Acai Berries Really Help You Lose Weight

Do Acai Berries Really Help You Lose Weight

Do Acai Berries Really Help You Lose Weight?

For many people intent on losing weight by any means necessary this is the million dollar question; do Acai berries really help you lose weight? Ever since their introduction some time back, Acai berries have been right in the eye of the storm.

Being exotic, read from Brazil, the berries were touted to work wonders and would help in weight loss like a charm. Fast forward to a few months later and everyone is keen on recanting the Acai berries.

Losing Weight with Acai Berries

The scientists are claiming there is no real basis for stating that acai berries can help lose weight, in fact a leading scientist has gone on to state very categorically that with the Acai berries, it was a clear case of marketing triumphing over science. So what really is the truth with regards to this controversial berry?

Scientifically; the researchers have found no magic formula or ingredient in the Acai berry that makes it a sure bet against weight loss. Having said that it is quite necessary to add that just as much as the other berries are rich in fibers, minerals and vitamins so do the Acai berries. In effect the consumption of Acai berries should provide just as much goodness as the other berries.

How Acai Berries Can Help in Weight Loss?

In order to address whether Acai berries can really help you lose weight, we need to look at some of the properties of berries that may or may not help you in weight loss. For starters the Acai berry is filled with vitamins and nutrients, the implication of this fact is that when you take in these berries you won’t be taking in any junk; instead your body will be reaping all the natural benefits that are important in keeping it running.

Additionally the acai berry is quite rich in fibers. Anyone who has lost weight will actually tell you that fibers are quite important in weight loss since they act as appetite suppressants mostly due to their filling ability. This means that they can fool the stomach into thinking it is full when you have food cravings and need to control your appetite. There are however others who claim that the acai berries have no appetite suppressant properties and that whatever appetite suppression occurs is due to the placebo effect. In order to settle this fact once and for all, the scientific community needs to step in and do the voodoo that they do best; tell it to us scientifically.

Benefits of Acai Berry

One of the biggest benefits of the Acai berry that led to its mass marketing was the fact that it had quite a significant level of anti-oxidant properties. A bit of research on the benefits of antioxidants will reveal to you that anti-oxidants are responsible for alleviating the negative effects of free radicals on our bodies that have a lot of damaging effects. These free radicals are actually the cause of quite some amount of misery that has dogged human existence. Back to the topic at hand, Acai berries like most other berries are rich in anti-oxidants and are therefore quite effective in fighting the free radicals that have been the cause of numerous skin issues and cancer.

In answer to the question do Acai berries really help you lose weight? The answer is all relative and depends from what perspective you are looking at it from. For starters if you are a scientific kind of guy then it probably helps to know that various researches have debunked this claim and place the Acai berry as an ordinary berry with the same kind of goodness available in most other berries. The berries and supplements of the berries will cost you quite a pretty penny however. But perhaps the most important thing to remember is the fact that if you want to lose weight, then you need to watch the calories you consume period.


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