Does Starving Yourself Lose Weight

Does Starving Yourself Lose Weight

Does Starving Yourself Make You Lose Weight?

It is not wrong to desire for a slimmer body. But when you think of losing weight by starving yourself, then it will not bring advantage to you. Starving one’s self to lose weight is a big “No” since it will only cause health problems.

You may achieve your goal to lose weight in the short run, but in the long run, it will only confuse your body because of the calorie deficit caused by starvation.

What Happens If the Body Has Calorie Deficit?

Calorie provides energy for our body. It provides the energy needed for our daily activities, for the proper functioning of the organs our body and to protect our immune system. To maintain our weight, we need to use calorie as much as what we consume. The more calories we consume more than what we used, the excess will be stored as fat. But when we take less than the calories our body needs, the calorie deficit will be taken from the muscles of our body.

When we starve ourselves, our body responds automatically that we are in shortage of food. Instead of increasing our metabolic rate to lose weight, it will slow down our metabolic rate because it stores some of the calories the body is deprived of. Our body needs energy to function properly like the mobile phone for example. Without battery, it cannot operate. But unlike the mobile phone, our body will store some of the calories consumed to supply energy for the proper functioning of the body. But since, we have calorie deficit, our body can no longer function properly. Starvation may result to poor thinking ability, fatigue, lack of energy, sag skin, and your face will lose its natural glow.

What is the Right Way to Lose Way Instead of Starvation?

The proper way to lose weight is by maintaining a balance diet, regular exercise and self-discipline. A balance diet consists of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals which can be sourced from nutritious diet. Eat meat, dairy products, vegetables and fruits. If you think of cutting down calories, you may avoid eating junk foods and processed foods. Eating vegetables and fruits is a natural way of removing the toxins in our body. Just make sure that while you eat a balanced diet, you exercise regularly. Joining an aerobic class can remove excess fats in your body. Keep your body hydrated with water. Even making yourself busy with household chores or doing some exercise at office to relax can help burn some extra fats. Make it a habit to jog or walk around your community early in the morning to breathe fresh air and to burn calories.

Self-discipline in losing weight means doing the right thing to achieve your goal and that is to lose weight. It does not mean you will deprive yourself of the food that your body needs. Depriving yourself will only have a reverse impact into your body. Because of starvation, the next time you will eat, it will store calories as excess fats. Self-discipline means avoiding alcohol, caffeine, smoking, and unhealthy foods.


We lose weight to have a healthier body. Being obese is not good for our body since we are prone to cardiovascular diseases and high cholesterol. Starvation is not actually losing weight, but it is putting our health to risk. If we deprive our body of the required vitamins, nutrients and minerals it needs to function properly, we are susceptible to infections, diseases and dehydration which may lead to complications.

Never attempt to starve yourself. Have a healthier body by eating a balanced diet and regular exercise.


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