Fitbit Aria Review

Fitbit Aria Review

Fitbit Aria – The Detailed Review

Fitbit Aria takes some advantage to mechanically make your weight in kilograms, and pounds. But unlike other scales, Fitbit Aria also calculates and tracks your Body Mass Index (BMI) as well as, the certain proportion of your body fat and reached out by tracking a diminutive electrical current through out your body.

In addition to, the Fitbit Ultra also motivates hale and hearty behavior by satisfying the owners with software badges when they achieve their prospective weight goals or revealed well-fit behavior. In fact, individual health data can even be shared with your friends or other members of the Fitbit society.

More About Fitbit Aria Program

The Fitbit Aria is a Wi-Fi degree, which is popular within Withings scale. It is not essentially related to the current technology, but the manner the individual utilizing it is the perfect combination of the Fitbit Ultra and Galaxy Nexus. The Fitbit Aria is considered as a Wi-Fi facilitated scale that performs more than weighing your body.

The Aria’s glass surface consists of electrodes that propel a small, secure signal through your body to evaluate the impedance of the body that gives you a perfect data on your body’s fat and lean mass. In order to compare results with the outcomes, it usually used a specific formula that used to test the percentage of the body fat.

Fitbit Aria Review

Fitbit Aria – A Simple Description

The scale permits some various users to manage their weight, as well. In fact, Fitbit Aria gives many ways for the users to build your weight and fitness goals more fun and exciting to track. In fact, there are badges involve in order to reach out your target as well as, the capacity to distribute information for motivator with friends via online.

The Fitbit Aria consists of a LED display that allows you to know what is currently taking place during the whole process. The surface approximately measures 1/3” inches without difficulty to clean with a plastic base. Meanwhile, the bottom of this device measured by 4×4 grids of round bumps.

Do you think it is a cool design? I think yes. In addition to, this apparatus is also described as 4-padded feet, which usually meet up the ground. It has also cover for the battery that encloses “4 AA” batteries and estimated to end with at least three months with reasonable usage. Lastly, the Fitbit Aria is also available in white and black color.

How to Use Fitbit Aria?

The preliminary setup of the Fitbit Aria is quite simple. You have to establish the software of the Fitbit with your PC, which connects the Aria with your internet connection. The procedure is well-documented and only takes 5-10 minutes when you are equipped to go.

While the Fitbit Aria scheme your weight; you will notice a digital enhancement of your weight with the whole digit and tenths. After the mass is displayed, it shows the user’s BMI with its specific scale.

After all the necessary is gathered, you will observe a curve in the upper portion of the display that signifies that it is being sent through Wi-Fi connection. When it’s all completed, you’ will see a remark on it. If you’re completely done, you can test out the numbers!

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Fitbit Aria – The Pros and Cons

The Pros:

  • The scale accurately calculates the weight and the percent of the body fat. It wirelessly transfers the information through your online profile found at
  • You can make a decision what information you can share and what information you do not want with your online profile.
  • It is easy to understand and perfectly display your current weight and total percentage of your body fat.

The Cons:

  • No cons found.

Fitbit Aria – The Final Verdict

The Fitbit Aria is economical compared with other scales. Also, it is effortless to use, and looks good. What else do you desire? In fact, it truly works with your iPhone and Android application, as well. Overall, it provides a great extra for monitoring and getting your weight loss goals. I think you will enjoy using the Fitbit Aria and no doubt that you will attain a normal scale again.

Fitbit Aria Review


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