Fitbit One Review

Fitbit One Review

Fitbit One Review: All in One Fitness Tracker

The rising consciousness on fitness among the new generation of techies led to various gadgets that can help propel people to look good and maintain good health. One timely invention that can help one track down activity levels is a tiny device called fitness or health tracker.

There are several electronic manufacturers that ventured into best fitness trackers in the market today. These handy gadgets can efficiently track down physical activities and even sleep patterns. But one consideration that an interested fitness tacking device buyer should consider is value for money and this is where Fitbit One health tracker comes into picture.

What is Fitbit One?

Fitbit One is a smart tracking device that can efficiently record and report physical activities, calorie burned, steps and even quality of sleep. Unlike the usual strap-on tracker watch type style that you normally see on fitness enthusiasts, the fitbit comes in a sleek straightforward design that is convenient to use.

What Can Fitbit One Do for You?

Fitbit One is a sleek wireless recorder device that functions as an activity and sleep tracker in one. Considered as one of the most technologically advanced health tracker in the market, Fitbit One has accuracy in terms of measuring fitness activities, levels and calories used for an activity.

Fitbit tracker is an ideal wearable gadget that can motivate and inspire you to keep up with your healthy lifestyle while providing you with your daily activity stats. With a precise view of your activities plus calories burn you can remain focus on your fitness and heath goals.

You can agree that having quality sleep each night is important for you to perform well on your daily task. Fitbit One can measure the quality of your nightly sleep through a comfy sleep tracker wristband and with a reliable alarm system that will gently wake you up without disturbing other people.

Using Fitbit One is like having a personal fitness assistant by your side. This smart tracker apart from tracking down your fitness progress can also be helpful in recording your daily food intake. You can use it to log food through a bar code and immediately gives you a calorie estimate. There are also meal shortcuts and food database that you can access anytime through Fitbit One smart app on your mobile device.

With the smart technology of Fitbit One, the app can synch your status to your PC and smartphones allowing you to check on your daily progress. Information is presented in user friendly graphs and charts so you can gauge your success in achieving your fitness and nutrition goals.

Fitbit One Review

Fitbit One Features

The great feature of the new Fitbit One is its capability to function both as an altimeter and accelerometer. This top of the line fitness tracker can record and identify activities such as steps you take and climbing stairs.

With a Fitbit One online account, user can easily add in other physical activities beyond walking and running. Through the Fitbit One online service, a user can directly store recorded data to a cloud file system which can also be fully accessed via android or iOS devices. This feature is remarkable in the sense that a user can view his progress in whatever time period he wants.

Beyond the usual logging of runs, walks, stair climbing and other workouts, this handy health tracker allow users to enter consumed food and drinks data with calculated calories set against the calories burned.

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Fitbit One – The Pros and Cons


  • Dependable all-day activity best fitness tracker.
  • Records every step and climb plus calories burned.
  • One-button device that is very easy to navigate.
  • Seamless app that synch automatically via wireless connectivity.
  • Users can add other activities such as water intake and other sports.
  • The app can help set goals, track progress and compete with friends.
  • Automatically store data of daily activities for seven days.
  • Compatible with other fitness applications.
  • Bar code capability food logging system.
  • Tracks sleep quality and pattern.
  • Has a reliable gentle wake alarm.
  • With comfy wrist strap for sleep tracking.
  • Clip-on style discreet design.
  • Long battery life.
  • With 1-Year warranty.


  • Tiny device that can easily be misplaced or lost.
  • Technical support via email only.
  • Not waterproof.

Fitbit One – The Final Verdict

Considered by techie fitness enthusiasts as one of the best health tracker, the Fitbit One device has great features. If you are searching for the best fitness tracker that can do a lot of things not just record steps or measure calorie burned Fitbit One is a reliable product to consider. With an advanced technology that works best with the available app online, Fitbit One is very valuable. It keeps track of your steps, stair climbing, food intake, sleep quality and other activities with comprehensive data that you can store on a cloud system. Using this health tracker device is such a breeze with just one touch button navigation. With an easy to view LCD display and set goals, you are on your way to fulfill your health objectives just by using the Fitbit One tracking device.

Fitbit One Review


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