Fitbit Zip Review

Fitbit Zip Review

Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker – The Review

The Fitbit Zip usually uses a tri-axis accelerometer to record aerobic and simple steps. The Zip’s screen illustrates calories, distance, and steps resets at midnight. In fact, this wireless activity tracker syncs with your account for every 15 minutes and acts as a lifesaver, especially if you don’t have enough time to plug the device into your computer.

For additional information about your movement, this bite-sized, step-counter, in combination with the mobile application can also record the total number of calories you’ve consumed or burned. The recording capacity of this pedometer usually lasts for 30 days, and counts an indefinite number of steps at the same time.

The Basic Features

The most remarkable feature of the Fitbit Zip is it’s free mobile application. You can get the most out of the Fitbit Zip’s aspects if you have a 3rd generation or an iOS device with an NFC capable device. With a simple tap, you can sync in your stats to your phone.

Fitbit models are considered as the best pedometers, if you have a viable streak. You can match your progress with friends or contend against yourself. If in case, you’re running behind, this fitness app calculates the total number of steps you need to take to achieve your goal.

Fitbit make an incomparable profile according to your age, weight, and height. This personal data assists the Fitbit Zip, calculates how many calories, steps you’ve taken, and you’ve need to burn each day. Everyone’s body is quite different, the more custom-made a fitness tracker can be the better.

Fitbit Zip Review

The Unrivaled Design

The Zip characterized as a tiny, light-weight device (specifically weighing 0.28 ounces, or 8 grams), and with a smooth, glossy touch. You can effortlessly slip-up the Zip in your pocket and forget it’s there. You can also set the Zip in the provided clip, and use it like a pedometer on your waistband. It is available in various tones such as black, blue, lime green, pink, and white.

The screen is so easy to read, but it does not light-up, so you’re unable to check your steps in the dark. The Zip monitors have three simple metrics: steps engaged, calories burned, and distances walked. Contrast with its more exclusive counterpart the Fitbit One, the Zip does not monitor hours spent or floors climbed.

Benefits of Using Fitbit Zip

Similar with all Fitbit devices, the Zip tries to inspire you to become more dynamic. With this device, you can notice silly or smiley faces that vary depending on how lively you’ve been. This app will also allow you to take several steps if you are closer to your everyday goal, which may provide you the extra push you may need.

You can connect with your friends who also have a Fitbit through this app or Fitbit account, and perceive how your activities compare to others, which may also inspire you to intensify the count of your steps. You can produce “badges” that reflect on your account when once you achieve the fitness milestones, such as a scheme for getting 50 “lifetime” miles.

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Positive and Negative Aspects of the Product

Positive Points

  • The Bluetooth syncs wirelessly and routinely – The Fitbit Zip designs with a Bluetooth USB dongle that automatically plugs into your computer. It will upload spontaneously your latest activity and stats into the Fitbit app virtual dashboard.
  • Fitbit App is improbable – Once you have started set-up your account, there are all types of parameters that you can measure and monitor. Some of the gauges on the dashboard calculate calories, distance, and steps.
  • There is no off button – This will make sure that it counts every step you yield; and you won’t even unintentionally turn it off. Plus, the battery will last 6 months accurately. So, you actually could forget about it and it would keep monitoring you.

Negative Points

  • The battery is not rechargeable – Specifically, it uses a 3V-coin battery, which is simple to find. The Zip activity tracker will last 6 months, while the rechargeable batteries found in the other wireless trackers need to be charged every couple of days.
  • It is not waterproof – Though this unit seems to be a waterproof still, it is water-resistant. It means that you could get it wet, but you should avoid it in more than 10 meters of water, or for a long period of time.

The Verdict

I’ve think of the Fitbit device is one the best pedometers for a reason. Pedometers have been extensively comparable over their history on the market nowadays, so this could be an app that serves as a promoter and particular trainer, which is a revitalizing addition. You’re daily activities become more motivating as you try to achieve your goal every day. Its look and the infinite step-counting feature are absolutely cool, and make every count of your steps accurately.

Fitbit Zip Review


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