How Much Weight Can You Lose with Raspberry Ketones

How Much Weight Can You Lose with Raspberry Ketones

How Much Weight Can You Lose with Raspberry Ketones?

Often used as aromatic enhancers for various foods, raspberry ketones that come from red raspberries are also widely known for its astounding weight loss properties.

The Exceptional Fame of Raspberry Ketones

After raspberry ketones were featured on television, the world started going crazy about it. People from all walks of life tried to discover where to get the weight loss boosting product and just how much weight they can shed off after taking it. Various weight loss diets utilizing raspberry ketones have gained worldwide attention and patronage after being advertised as a phenomenal fat burner early in 2012.

Factors That Determine the Extent of Weight Loss

The amount of weight lost when taking raspberry ketones is mainly determined by several factors.

FACTOR #1: Current Weight

A person’s starting weight plays a chief role in deciding how much fat the body can burn using raspberry ketones. People who weigh 200 pounds or more tend to lose weight more rapidly during the first few weeks. This abrupt weight loss is attributed to the removal of excess water weight, but the speedy rate does not last long as it declines when the body actually starts burning fats.

Reasonably speaking, people should only expect a 3-5 pound loss weekly or roughly 8-15 pounds in one month’s time. It wouldn’t be logical to simply multiply the weekly values to approximate the monthly weight loss because the body will only begin to burn fats after adjustments in the diet have been made and introduced.

FACTOR #2: Medications

People simultaneously taking raspberry ketones and treatment drugs can experience slower weight loss rates compared to other people. Even though the weight loss formula of raspberry ketones does not interfere with most medications, extra care and precaution should be taken prior drug intake.

FACTOR #3: Diet and Exercise

No matter how much raspberry ketone a person consumes, weight loss is not efficient when proper work out and diet is kept at bay. Experts always claimed that eating the right food and doing appropriate exercises are the two key factors that influence weight loss.

The pace by which a person loses weight can be doubled when raspberry ketone consumption is paired with apposite work out and diet. Aside from assisting people in shedding off pounds at a quicker rate, a healthy diet is also abundant in antioxidants which wards off free radicals that promote premature aging and disease development.

On the other hand, exercise helps weight loss by increasing lean muscle mass that is essential for burning fats and improving cardiovascular functioning.

Exercise and a healthy diet alone offer a whooping 5-8 pound deduction weekly or about 15-25 pounds monthly. Just imagine the weight a person can lose when these healthy habits are carried out while consuming raspberry ketones.

In addition, a raspberry filled diet can speed up weight loss programs by synergizing the effects of raspberry ketones in body cleansing. The intestine is usually packed with stubborn fats and unwanted plaques that add to the overall body weight of a person. If these undigested foods are removed from the colon, the body will weigh and feel lighter.

True Values Essential for Optimal Results

Desperate, overweight people do not mind overdosing on raspberry ketones just to get the perfect body they have always dreamed of. Nonetheless, just like all food products, too much consumption of raspberry ketones is not recommended as it can be detrimental to health.

The suggested dose of the product is set at 100 micrograms taken once or two times daily. The frequency of the intake actually depends on the amount of weight people wish to lose. Those who wish to shed off ample amount of fats should take the product twice daily.

It is best to take the product early in the morning with a healthy breakfast to achieve optimal weight loss benefits. This is because the body’s energy stores are depleted during mornings, so it has no other choice but to get energy from stored fats, thereby promoting weight loss. Studies revealed that over consumption of raspberry ketones can either be counterproductive or just merely passed out from the body without any significant result.

Weight loss is a slow process; hence the body should be given enough time to adjust to a new diet before expecting apparent outcomes.


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