How to Control Your Hunger

How to Control Your Hunger

How to Control Your Hunger?

Controlling hunger is very important for those who want to lose weight. Hunger is a natural reaction of our body whenever it needs food needed for energy. For some, controlling hunger is hard since their body and state of mind became used to their appetite. But if you are really determined to control your hunger due to reasons of losing weight or maintaining your ideal weight, maybe you should understand first what hunger is, the reasons why people get hungry and what are the ways that can help control hunger.

What is Hunger?

Hunger for others is the feeling of need to eat. But the truth is that real hunger is the deficit of food energy that the body needs to sustain its proper functioning. We should learn to differentiate the need to eat from the desire to eat. Hunger is relieved by eating a balance diet at the right amount and at the right time.

Differentiate Hunger from Desire to Eat

Controlling hunger is really hard for food lovers. But when they are motivated to control hunger in order to achieve the body they want, the name of the game should be stomach over the brain. Because it is the brain that urges us to eat more food even if when our stomach is already full.The need to control hunger is overlook when our mind is dominated by our desire to eat. Instead of eating only because our body needs to, we tend to eat even for other reasons such as during anxiety, for pleasure and when we are bored.

Hunger should be satisfied by eating the right amount of food needed by our body. We should not starve nor overeat in order to have a healthier body. Starving yourself can lead to health problems. By differentiating desire from the need to eat will help you in controlling your hunger.

Changing Eating Habit

After you already know when you are really hungry or not, the next step is choosing the foods that can give you satiety. If you feel that your body needs energy, you may eat but select only nutritious foods. Do not miss any meals because it will just make you feel hungrier. Eating smaller meals frequently can make your stomach feel fuller. And when you eat, eat slowly because it takes 20 minutes for our brain to register that our stomach is already full. When you eat faster, you can’t stop eating more than what your body needs. Vegetables and fruits rich in fiber can also make your stomach fuller. And by eating foods rich in protein, your stomach may feel fuller because it takes longer to digest protein letting it stay longer in the stomach. With protein, you are sure that it will be develop into muscles rather than excess fats. Eat only small amount of sweet foods because these only increases appetite. Go for natural food that will control your hunger such as bananas, apples, green tea, pine nuts, and green leafy vegetables. It will not only stop your hunger by making your stomach feel fuller, but will also help in reducing excess fats in your body. Drinking 8-10 glasses everyday will also make your stomach feel fuller.

Have regular exercise to normalize your appetite. Regular exercise will help in proper circulation of blood in your body and remove the toxins away. To make sure that you will not look for food while exercising, have enough rest before doing the exercise. Before trying to eat meals, analyze first what your body really needs. Sometimes we tend to eat when what we really need is sleep.


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