Lose Fat Without Losing Muscle

Lose Fat Without Losing Muscle

How to Lose Weight without Losing your Muscle?

Aiming to lose weight is a long time process. It takes a strong determination for one person to reach such goal. There are many reasons why people should aim for a low body fat.

Many girls want it for a pleasant look. Athletes aim it for competition. But most of all, we should do it for many health benefits such as lowering cholesterol and reducing heart diseases especially for person who are aging.

Secrets in Losing Fat without Losing Muscle

  1. Eat frequently. Our perception about diet is to eat less but it should not. We just need to balance our eating habit because eating less will just add more cravings to eat more. Many dietician advice people to eat seven small meals a day. This is to evenly distribute the intake calories throughout the day. In this diet, the body only receives the enough fuel to consume in maintaining lean muscle.
  2. Exercise 2 hours after eating. This is the time when the insulin and sugar levels are slowly decreasing. The hormone that feeds our cells is the insulin. When the level of our blood sugar fall, the insulin levels also fall, then the pancreas will produce glucagon hormones and the nutrients stored will be released to the blood for energy use. Now, if you do not consume that energy it will be stored as excess fats. Perfect timing in doing exercise is vital to allow the muscles receive the fat cells efficiently. Exercising with high levels of insulin will result to deposit excess into fat cells while exercising with very low insulin levels will under fed the muscle cells. Also, bear in mind that it is a big no to exercise without having a meal left in the day so that the muscle can recover from the activity.
  3. Create a meal plan according to your weight management regimen. There are lot of people who have wrong perception in eating while having a weight management program. One example is not eating after an evening work because they are afraid that what they ate might store as excess fat. This is absolutely wrong. Pre and post carb in take is important. Missing one of those can poorly fed your muscle cells.

What to do to Achieve Goals in Losing Fat?

  1. Write down your goals. You will always be reminded if you a have a written goals to achieve. Hang it in the wall of your room or near the mirror for you to check from time to time.
  2. Tell your family members and friends about your goal. Losing weight is very hard without the help of others. Your family members and friends can help you to focus in your goal as well as to give and serve you foods from your diet plan.
  3. Be determined. Always focus on your goal. Losing weight won’t happen in overnight. You must take your time. Take it slowly but surely as one of the sayings goes. It is true. According to some studies people who lose weight by forced became desperate because of gaining weight again quickly.

Important Things to Consider

In losing weight, you must always ask for a guide from your doctor and dietician. There are some health conditions which will not allow you to do some exercises. Diet plan should also be according to your health condition. The success of your desired weight will last in long term when you start in the right approach on weight management plan. Sometimes, we are in a hurry of losing weight we opt to eat very few carbohydrates but its risk is also losing our muscle at the same time. So, we should always be aware.


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