Old School New Body Review

Old School New Body Review

Old School New Body – The Extensive Review

Every single individual existing in this world aims to be fit. This program desires to get into form and has generated several health benefits. With this truthful Old School New Body review, you will discover that this method is considered as a competitive deal or not just simply a money robber.

The Authors of Old School New Body

Old School New Body is one of the usual diet products, especially for those individuals that age from 40 and above. This is said to be a remarkable diet products, which aim to catch and to claim that everyone can be perfectly fit.

In addition to, it also stands out to defy age and achieve a perfect body shape at a subtle of individual’s lives. The great people behind this program is Steve Holman (an Editor-in Chief) of Iron Man Magazine), Becky Holman Steve’s wife), and John M. Rowley (an America’s Lifestyle Strategist).

The perfect combination of these three individuals surely guarantees that this manufactured good is based on a tough foundation and proven results. Also, this program was developed using themselves as “experiment subjects.”

Old School New Body – The Content of This Product

Old School New Body is taken as a youth-enhancing and decisive system that can feature outs an anti-aging and exercise procedure that the authors referred as “F4X”, a (Focus 4 Exercise Protocol). This is deliberated in a vastly detailed approach.

Whether it is a fat loss or simply for a lean muscle, the instruction book has special programs to fit various needs. It does not just guarantee a helpful anti-aging techniques and physical renovation.

On the other hand, it also compromises that it’s going to take just few minutes per day and not seize a year for the outcomes to be evident. Before we consider into details about the advantages and disadvantages of this manual, let’s learn more about its content.

Old School New Body Review

What’s Inside the Old School New Body?

The contents of this E-book are easy to recognize, nutrition plan, and exercise program. You won’t come across miracles pills or useless exercise within the program. The answer for your success is how to encourage yourself to get extremely into the program and acquire the preeminent result.

F4X Protocol

Steve Holman considers this training program, significantly. Thus, it composes three important stages, consider the following:

First Phase: F4X LEAN

Generally, it will illustrate you on how you lose weight by performing the F4X Protocol with small variations with their movement and style. You don’t require to use number of hour for doing physical activities for few miles.

Second Phase: F4X SHAPE

The scheme of the F4X SHAPE is to adjust your lifting approach and nutrition plan faintly to achieve the perfect muscles.

Third Phase: FX4 BUILD

This phase is designed to educate you how to include additional ten pounds of muscle.

Old School New Body Review

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The Pros and Cons of Old School New Body


  • The handbook demonstrates why low-fat diets will make us crave and be obsessed to foodstuff that can twist us unwieldy and sicker.
  • However, Steve Holman spends his time to turn this program an utmost and most useful methods to get preferred body shapes.
  • You can assure with cash-back guarantee for sixty days, and if you’re dissatisfied, you can get hold your money back at 100%.


  • No cons found.

Old School New Body – The Final Verdict

Now, since we have done through a complete Old School New Body review, we can possibly claim that this E-book is significant per every dime. It could be an effective tool for everybody, whether you’re in your 20’s, or in your mid-life and even in your dusk.

If you have decided to go after other fitness programs but are not fully satisfied, this is a perfect time to strive with another one. If in case that you’re looking for a perfect program, with this, you’re going to achieve what you deserve.

Old School New Body Review


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