ProShape RX Review

ProShape RX Review

ProShape RX Weight Loss Product Review

Losing weight is very crucial nowadays due to the increasing number of people suffering from excessive weight problems like obesity, diabetes, heart-related diseases, and many more. When it comes to losing weight, most people think of diet plans, fitness programs, and diet supplements that can hasten the process of weight loss like diet pills and capsules. However, with so many products to choose from, finding the product that is safe, legitimate and appropriate for your needs is a little difficult. This is why reading product reviews and user feedbacks are important to know more about the product you want to try.

One of the well-known weight loss management products offered in the market today is ProShape RX. Just like with other diet products, ProShape RX claims to effectively help people lose weight. To know more about this product, here is a product review.

ProShape RX – How it Works?

With the popularity and great demand for all-natural, safe products especially for weight loss purposes, ProShape RX is produced and formulated using only natural ingredients like plant and fruit extracts. One of the major natural ingredients of ProShape RX is Hoodia Gordonii. A lot of dietary supplements and weight loss products use Hoodia Gordonii because of its appetite-suppressing properties. Hoodia contains the molecule known as P57, which sends signal to the brain telling that you are full making you feel less hungry and curbing your craving to eat.

With proper control of food consumption, fat build up is also reduced. Cholesterol absorption and calorie build up is also decreased, and intake of other harmful elements that usually cause overweight problems is also greatly reduced due to the effect of Hoodia Gordonii. Other natural active ingredients in the product works hand in hand with the major ingredient by giving energy to the body and by increasing lean muscles to achieve a healthier and fitter physique.

ProShape RX Review

Natural Ingredients of ProShape RX

Hoodia Gordonii is a cactus known for its medicinal properties. The natives in South Africa have used Hoodia for centuries as a suppressant for appetite so they won’t feel hungry for a longer period of time. The P57 molecule in Hoodia imitates glucose therefore sending signal to the brain that you are already full even if you have not eaten anything yet.

Another important natural ingredient is White Kidney Bean Powder which prevents the conversion of starch into sugar especially those in starchy and carbohydrates-rich foods like rice and bread. By preventing the starch to be converted into sugar during digestion, calorie is also reduced therefore reducing the calorie absorption in the body.

Beet root is another essential ingredient in ProShape which promotes healthier liver metabolism. It also normalizes the body’s Ph levels and strengthens the blood. L-Methionine improves the efficacy of the product by speeding up the absorption of Hoodia within the body. White willow bark speeds up caloric expenditure while Fenugreek extracts balances the sugar levels, reduces cholesterol, and promotes healthier digestive tract system.

Other ingredients are Green Tea Leaf extracts and Chitosan. Green tea is a very popular dietary product ingredient because of its fat-burning properties. Chitosan is a natural ingredient rich in fiber, which aids the body by binding the fats and eliminating it in the body through bowel movement.

ProShape RX Review

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Positive and Negative Aspects of the Product

Positive Points

  • The natural ingredients are carefully and scientifically chosen in order to work well together and provide the best results.
  • Compared to other products, which only contain Hoodia, this product also contains other safe and natural ingredients that boost the effect of Hoodia.
  • People can securely order online through the company’s official website.
  • The company offers good customer support.
  • Consumers are offered risk-free purchase through the 30-day trial period and 100% money back guarantee within the given period.

Negative Points

  • Prices are not displayed on the website.
  • There is no sufficient information about the manufacturer or company.
  • Results can be expected usually 2 to 3 weeks of regular use. However, to expect better results, regular exercise must be done.
  • Savings can only be achieved when consumers buy in larger package.
  • The trial period is only promotional and may expire soon.

ProShape RX – The Final Verdict

A lot of weight loss products with Hoodia Gordonii are already available and promoted online and offline and ProShape RX is one of them. Most products are also backed with clinical tests and certifications from regulating bodies in various countries. What sets ProShape RX apart from other Hoodia diet products is that it contains other natural ingredients that improves the effectiveness of Hoodia and also provides other health benefits like burning calories and fats since Hoodia only acts as appetite-suppressant. Just like in most natural weight loss products offered today, ProShape is recommended and suitable to anyone, both men and women in the right age to use the product just as long as they do not have kidney and liver problems, and other major health conditions.

ProShape RX Review


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