Saffron Benefits for Weight Loss

Saffron Benefits for Weight Loss

Saffron Benefits for Weight Loss

Have you heard about Saffron? Did you know that a lot of people are researching Saffron benefits for weight loss? Whether this is your first-time hearing about this or not, knowing how it is beneficial for weight loss is essential.

What is Saffron?

Saffron is an extract that originates from the flower called Crocus sativus. If you think that this is just like any other extracts, then you are wrong. The reason behind this is because this is hard to extract. Not every flower has this extract, and it will take time for a single flower to release the extract in a moderate amount. To help you understand it more, for you to be able to get a pound of Saffron extract, you need to get 75,000 flowers.

Saffron Benefits for Weight Loss

A lot of people are wondering about the Saffron benefits for weight loss, and the success is mainly due to the increased level of serotonin. For people who don’t know, serotonin is the most important hormones in a person’s body when it comes to losing weight. The reason behind this is because it influences how your body feels full. This means that if correctly controlled, it can successfully help you lose weight.

Effects of Saffron

As mentioned above, it can increase the serotonin levels in your brain. Besides this, it can also help decrease your cravings, which means that you can avoid snacking during the day. This also says that it will gradually help you lose weight at a safe level.

Scientific Proof on Saffron

As you all know, Dr. Oz is known to be the most respected doctor, wherein people rely on him when it comes to long-term clinical evidence. In fact, a lot of ingredients and products were featured on his show. He showed proofs of every supplement and its effectiveness. Of course, there are also some supplements that lack consistency, and Dr. Oz is very honest about this, which is a good thing.

Noticeable Effects of Saffron

Fewer Sugar Needs

One of the most noticeable effects of Saffron is that people no longer crave for sugar. A study was conducted on individuals, and 78% who were involved did not crave for sugary snacks unlike before taking Saffron.

Decreased in Appetite

Based on the same study conducted, 84% of the people who joined experienced a decrease in appetite. This means that they have experienced fewer snacks all throughout the day. So, people who are trying to lose weight will surely benefit from this.

Side Effects of Using Saffron

Saffron may be natural, but there are still some instances where side effects may still be present. The most common side effects of Saffron is dizziness, but there are also some people who experienced dry skin, heartburn, insomnia, asthma, and cough. So, it would be best to consult your doctor before taking Saffron to minimize the side effects.

These are all of the Saffron benefits for weight loss. While this extract can help you lose weight, it is also best to consult your doctor, especially if you’re taking other medications and such.


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