The Dark Side of Fat Loss Review

The Dark Side of Fat Loss Review

The Dark Side of Fat Loss Product Review

Being overweight is just some of the major problems people experience today. According to some research, more and more people are now suffering from various major health issues like obesity. It is quite alarming that the age group that is acquiring obesity is getting younger and younger and the rate of increasing numbers of obesity cases are also increasing especially in countries like United States.

A lot of health solutions, diet programs, exercise training programs and various health products are available today. To determine the right solution to obtain healthier body, people should learn to research properly and read relevant information about the product offered to them. The Dark Side of Fat Loss is one of the popular books today that are getting rave comments and reviews from various consumers. Here is a simple product review about this book and how it can help people lose weight.

The Dark Side of Fat Loss – by Sean Croxton

The Dark Side of Fat Loss ReviewOne of the important things to consider when confirming the reliability and credibility of the product is to determine who made and produced it. Sean Croxton, the founder of the Underground Wellness is a graduate of Kinesiology and has been in the health and fitness industry for over 10 years. Despite being an expert in fitness, he admitted that his fitness programs have not been that effective and a lot of his clients were not able to lose weight effectively.

This is what triggered him to research properly and spend years and years on discovering what can really help people lose weight effectively and safely. Through years of research, he was able to device the Dark Side of Fat Loss – an ebook that provides intensive and thorough information about diet, hormones, calories, weight loss, exercises and everything people did not know about diet, calories and exercises. Sean Croxton actually busted all the myths regarding weight loss making him and his weight loss programs controversial and really popular.

The Dark Side of Fat Loss Review

The Dark Side of Fat Loss – The Right Information to Become Healthy and Fit

Compared to what people may think, the eBook does not actually impose certain diet plan or exercise program for people to follow. Sean Croxton’s Dark Side of Fat Loss book actually provides sufficient information about the wrong notion of people regarding the common diet plan followed by most people today – the Calorie In, Calorie Out weight loss plan and other misconceptions regarding weight loss. All the information provided in the book is based on scientific studies and years of experience.

The Dark Side of Fat Loss eBook provides information on the right way to lose weight by using the ability of your body to lose weight and do not depend solely on dieting and exercising. The book also discusses thorough information about all the major hormones in the body related to weight loss so people can use this knowledge in determining the right foods to eat and the foods to avoid. It discusses essential information like the truth about natural foods, organic foods and other types of foods people eat today.

Through the book, people can also get useful information about stress reduction, techniques in order to get the right sleep, healthier digestion, reducing toxins in the body and the revolutionary JERF30. Just Eat Real Food for 30 days or the JERF30 is a challenge that encourages people to eat the healthy foods recommended from the book and how to understand their body in order to determine the right foods that really work for their body.

The Dark Side of Fat Loss Review

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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Dark Side of Fat Loss


  • The eBook definitely provides relevant information people need to know in order to become healthy and lose weight effectively.
  • A lot of users already gave positive comments and reviews about the book and how it changes their lives.
  • It helps users determine the right foods to eat appropriate specifically for their body and needs.
  • The author offers a 60-day money back guarantee for consumers who are not satisfied with the product.


  • People need to read the whole book and apply the information based on their own judgment and decision.
  • The book does not recommend any specific diet plan but generally, it recommends overall lifestyle change.
  • The only way to know if the product will work for you is to buy the book.

The Dark Side of Fat Loss – The Verdict

Being healthy and physically fit is everyone’s dream that is why a lot of people undergo diet plans, exercise programs and are even willing to spend thousands of dollars on treatments and expensive procedures just to lose weight and be healthy. The Dark Side of Fat Loss eBook cost $39 and it comes with other freebies. This amount is not that big compared to the information and guide you can get in order to get healthy. If you want to learn the effective ways to lose weight, this book is a good and worthy choice.

The Dark Side of Fat Loss Review


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