Visual Impact Muscle Building Review

Visual Impact Muscle Building Review

Visual Impact Muscle Building – An Extensive Review

Most men want to have a good-looking physique but developing a wonderful physique requires discipline, determination and hard work. You need to follow proper diet, workout routines and overall healthy lifestyle to achieve your dream body. You also need to know and use the right exercises and workout routines to get the right body and shape that you wanted and not just jump into weightlifting and other forms of exercises without proper research and guidance.

Visual Impact Muscle Building is a popular workout program designed for people who want to achieve their dream physiques by building the right muscles in the right places.

Visual Impact Muscle Building Program by Rusty Moore

Rusty Moore, a fitness enthusiast who has earned years of experience and knowledge on training exercises and workout routines, develops Visual Impact Muscle Building program. After determining what most men really want and what kind of body would be better looking, he spent years of research and finally come up with this revolutionary fitness training program that will help men get that perfect physique just like what those Hollywood celebrities have.

The whole fitness program is in a digital book format, which is downloadable online once you purchased it from the website. Visual Impact Muscle Building is composed of 3 materials – the eBook containing the step by step processes in building lean and tone muscles, another digital book containing various exercises to choose from, and some printable workout charts.

Through this fitness program, men can achieve the great body by building lean and properly sized muscles in the targeted places like the abdomen and arms. Some men tend to just do whatever workout routines recommended to them and build muscles in all the wrong places resulting to a bulky, not properly proportioned, and rounded body. Rusty Moore designed this program so men can achieve the body that really looks good not only for the purpose of attracting women but also most importantly, to achieve the body for personal benefits.

Visual Impact Muscle Building Review

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Getting Lean and Sculpted Muscles in the Right Places with Visual Impact Muscle Building

So how does Visual Impact Muscle Building fitness program helps you get the right muscles in the right places? The program is composed of three phases and an additional bonus phase.

The first phase involves building of muscles to make it bigger. The plan in this phase is to make muscles bigger by promoting the Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy or fluid increase in the muscles. Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy exercises increases fluid in the muscle cells therefore increasing the size of the muscles but not the strength. People overdoing these exercises are the ones that get those bulky and rounded muscles that do not look tight and lean. Rusty Moore formulated a workout plan that will help men achieve the proper muscle size and avoid overdoing it.

Second phase is building muscle density to get the desired muscles, which are dense and lean. With this transition, you still get to build muscle size but your workout routine will be more focused on developing muscle density. The third phase involves pure muscle density building exercises plus fat burning exercises. This phase is focused on Myofibrillar Hypertrophy that helps the muscle fibers contract increasing muscle strength and resulting to leaner, tighter and toner muscles.

The bonus phase is the shrink-wrap effect, which will help your skin look more tightly wrapped on your muscles making your physique look leaner and toner.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Visual Impact Muscle Building


  • Flexibility. One great thing about this training program is that you can choose the exercises you want or more comfortable with but still get to achieve the things you want to achieve.
  • Easy to Understand and Execute. The manuals are precise, straightforward and easy to read therefore making it easy to follow and perform.
  • You can build specific muscle groups in your body based on the specific exercises provided on the fitness program.
  • Compared to paying a personal fitness trainer, you can save a lot by just following this simple fitness program.
  • You can have your money back in case the program is not successful or you did not get the result you wanted within 60 days through their 100% money back guarantee.


  • You need to make sure that you follow everything correctly on your own especially if you are a beginner, to avoid accidents.
  • You need to lend extra effort and time since aside from working out, you also need to read the materials properly and understand each techniques to achieve the best results from the workout.

Visual Impact Muscle Building: The Final Verdict

Working out and exercising provide great benefits not only for obtaining sexy and lean body but also most importantly, for the purpose of staying healthy. If you want a good-looking healthy body, spending time, effort and money on this fitness program will be a good choice since this program is designed to help people achieve a good physique through methods that are more effective and affordable.

Visual Impact Muscle Building Review


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