What Should I Stop Eating to Lose Weight

What Should I Stop Eating to Lose Weight

What Should I Stop Eating to Lose Weight?

Losing weight is a heavenly idea especially among overweight individuals, but more often than not the course a person has to take to shed off some pounds is like a trip to hell. Dieting alone is painstaking, what more if you have to cut off your daily doses of sinful food pleasures?

Food Check for Weight Loss

Analyzing the quality not just the quantity of the food a person consumes is vital in weight loss. People pile up weight when they consume foods excessively, especially poor-quality stuffs. Remember, certain foods play a part in enticing people to consume extra calories not favorable for losing weight.

Never Settle, Fight the Battle

People enjoy lots of delicious foods these days that they tend to forget and overlook the importance of consuming healthy meals. Mankind’s overwhelming preference for delightfully-tasting, highly-fatty, and nutritionally-poor, and often instant foods over healthier options have been a problem among nutritionists and health care professionals in recent years. Many medical conditions have been attributed to poor diets including diabetes and obesity.

Totally eradicating unhealthy, weight boosting food products from the diet would be impossible. However, accepting your defeat in your battle against weight gain doesn’t have to be your sole option. Certainly you can do more than that!

Foods That Set Off Weigh Gain

If one wishes to be body beautiful, he/she needs to steer clear from certain foods that can lead to weight gain.


Foods fried in cooking oils high in saturated fats are not only unhealthy, they are also weight boosters. In fact, even fried vegetables (e.g. zucchini, mushroom, onion) that appear healthy can clog arteries and promote weight gain. Steaming foods in water is a better idea than frying it in oils. Market-sold cooking oils are often hydrogenated (a type the body could not process) which are eventually stored as fats in the body.


Instead of making people full after consumption, processed foods even make people feel hungrier; this is because the essential nutrients and minerals originally found in the foods are stripped off during the processes it undergoes. For instance, white breads that have lost its nutrients during the bleaching process become an unhealthy option for weight watchers. Other processed foods include donuts, cakes, and pastas.

Moreover, fatty meat products that have been processed can also hinder weight loss because of the residual fats it contains.

People are therefore not advised to eat regularly in fast food chains whose offerings are mainly fried and processed food products.


As the body detects a deficit in any essential substance, it prompts the brain to signal hunger. Hence, the body will not be at ease until food is consumed to supply the needed nutrient that is lacking.

Perhaps the best example of a food stuff lacking in nutrients but is commonly enjoyed by consumers is junk foods such as potato chips. When eaten in moderation, potato chips can stop the progress of weight loss. Since potatoes are starchy carbohydrates that turn into sugars when metabolized by the body, it should be restricted from the diet.


Sweetened food products and beverages are considered empty calories which can cause weight gain. Aside from pleasurable dining and drinking experiences, people do not get anything out of sugary foods and beverages. Sugary drinks like sodas, alcoholic beverages and fruit juices (high in fructose corn syrup) as well as foods like sweet fruits can halt weight loss.

Experts suggest that one of the best ways to control weight is to pass on desserts high in sugar and fats.


Dehydration can become a problem when consuming caffeinated foods and drinks. This water loss makes a person feel hungry, thereby boosting appetite. People should avoid consuming caffeinated products especially if they want to trim down belly fats. This happens because caffeine can stimulate the body to release cortisol, a stress hormone that relocates fats from other parts of the body to the mid-section area.

Apart from regular exercise, a healthy diet is essential in keeping the body in shape. To stay contoured and fit, people need to indulge themselves in healthier food alternatives they can equally enjoy as less-healthy, sinful treats.


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