Will Fasting Help Me Lose Weight

Will Fasting Help Me Lose Weight

Will Fasting Help in Weight Loss

Fasting has been used before as a means of losing weight among varied people. One of the most effective fasting is intermittent fasting. This will help in keeping your weight in check. However, you have to know the essentials of how to get started.

Fasting Weight Loss Tips

Keeping Your I.F Plans Private

The facts about your fasting to lose weight should be kept private. Do not try to justify what you are trying to do. It is better if you keep it private and letting the results speak for itself. For instance, you can just say you are not dieting or eating less if asked how you lost weight.

Easing Yourself Gently Into it

Those who have never tried out fasting will find it a bit daunting for a start particularly taking 24 hours break from your regular eating habits. However, you have to know that with time this gets easy to do. It is strongly advised that you start with a fast for 1 day (24 hrs.) in a week. Try as much as possible not to falter, in case you do try to get it right next time.

It works best if you try with little steps then build ion the 24 hours fast. This can be done by for instance skipping breakfast, lunch then building from there.

This kind of break from eating will teach you a lot about yourself and the body relationship with food. With time, you will find that you will be making different choices on those times when you are not eating/eating breaks. Everything people do is based on routine and habit. For instance the lunch that people take at 1pm.

It is not necessarily, because they are hungry but because it is the set tie for lunch. With fasting, you will learn that it is not necessary because you are not hungry therefore, you will skip lunch and take dinner instead. This in short means that fasting makes you break the traditional routine of 3 meals a day.

Calories Matter

As much As you may observe it all well, you have to bear in mind that calories cannot be ruled out of your fasting routine. If your body is experiencing a deficit, then your weight loss too will be compromised. Therefore, even when fasting, during those times when you resume eating, take many calories, which your body needs. However, guard against over compensating for the fasting. You should carry on with your day as if nothing really happened.

There are many health benefits that you will get from fasting, however, know that you main objective or goal is fasting to lose weight do not let go of that at least. Know your BMR level or RMR level. This should be used a guide to your calories intake.

Periodic fasting is one of the best ways of weight loss as well as a healthy life. Based on the fact that our bodies too need rest from time to time just the same way, we ask for leave or days off. This means that you can do fast like for one day in a regular and methodical way. This will provide rest for your digestive system and help in elimination of toxins from the body system. More importantly, it stimulates weight loss in a very healthy as well as sustainable way.

How to Conduct Proper Fasting

Successful fasting implementation has three basic stages: preparation, actual fasting and breaking fast. They are all important.

You have to be prepared both physically and mentally, do not expect it to be easy going for a day without food. Be determined and fix your mind early enough for that goal. You can take liquid foods ad normal amount of food. Mental and physical preparation will enable you not to feel hunger when fasting.

On the actual fasting, you can consider concentrating on spiritual and intellectual work. Do light tasks. Correct breaking of fast will ensure that the goal is achieved for instance weight loss and elimination of toxins. It is advisable that you take lemon added with a bit of salt. Drink it, it will taste salty and lemony, this should be done before taking breakfast. The lemon water is useful in flushing out your digestive system with strong bowel movement. Consequently, many toxins will be eliminated as a result.


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